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These are some of our youngest clients. We have a very high success rate in this area - acupuncture and herbal medicine work very well when it comes to fertility and pregnancy. View some of our success stories below.

Baby Louis

Baby Louis was born on 4th April 2007. The mother was 38 years old. She was suffering from infertility for 2 years due to polycysts ovarian. After about 2 months of treatment by acupuncture and Chinese herbs she got pregnant!


Rebecca was born on 22nd May 2001. Her mother was suffering from endometriosis and cysts on both ovaries. After receiving treatment by acupuncture and Chinese herbs her severe pain disappeared and she had the baby.

Dylan was just 3 weeks old when I booked the first appointment at the Chinese Health Centre in 1997. He was suffering from stomach pains due to constipation. After trying several methods suggested by GP and health visitors I decided to try Chinese alternative medicine.

With gentle massage and herbal treatment it soon cured the problem. After that the Chinese Health Centre became our regular doctor. For Dylan and our other two children we have had many treatments, such as: anxiety before exams, problem sleeping, sleepwalking, sports injuries and bad digestion. The symptoms were cured with ear acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping and acupuncture.

It is now 10 years that we have been attending the clinic as a family and we have never been disappointed. We have built up a lot of trust with the doctors and staff. Everyone is very friendly and always ready to help…… it feels like home.

Our oldest patient This is one of our oldest patients. She was at her 100 years birthday in April 2008. She often uses Acupuncture or Chinese herbs for circulation problem, improve immunity etc.

I have been coming here for treatment for over 12 months and I have seen a remarkable change for the treatment that I have been attending for. I am very pleased and satisfied with the service that Dr Han has given me. Customer service is excellent, I am very happy.


For severe arthritic pain - I was suffering from chronic pain and tried an array of orthodox medicines but they made no difference until I started acupuncture treatment with Dr Han. The benefits experienced were immediate, and the pain had subsided after only 3 sessions and accompanying Chinese medicines. It's fantastic.

Mrs KT

Been here from 1999 for Joints Pain hot flush. Every time after treatment I feel very good. No need to see GP often and I find this treatment suits me better than tablets.


I was suffering with very bad and painful back problems. My friend introduced me to the Clinic, and from then I take regular treatment. I love the Clinic because the doctors take time and patience to talk to you about your body. The treatment is excellent. I am very happy and will always use the Clinic. I am so pleased that I take my wife and I keep telling my friends to visit the clinic. Happy Patient P.


Meeting with the Chinese Health Centre in Kensal Rise 10 years ago or so, made an enormous difference in my life and of many family members and friends. Dr Han and her knowledge of the human body and people is certainly the best doctor I ever had and trusted. She has, and Dr Wang, unlimited patience and made the practice a welcoming and friendly health care address!