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1. Boost Energy and Stamina with Ginseng
Ginseng products

1.Ginseng Royal Jelly   2.Panax Ginseng    3.Ginseng - Radix Polygonal

These extracts are prepared scientifically from Ginseng Royal Jelly and Radix Polygonal. They are indicated for poor health, poor memory and lassitude. Regular administration may strengthen the function of bones and ligaments, boost energy, beautify hair and skin and promote longevity.

2. Relieve Stress: help stress, depression and insomnia
2 relieve stress

1. An Shen Bu Xin (liquid)    2. An Shen Bu Nao (pills)     3. Xiao Yao Wan (pills)    4. Z Capsules

These invigorate the brain and sedate the mind, nourish blood, improve sleep and relieve stress.

3. Weight Control
weight control

1. Various Slimming Tea (Diet Tea) 

These natural herbal products can boost metabolism level, clean excess fluid and cure constipation. They can also reduce cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation.

4. Nourishing Kidney and Sexual Function
Nourishing Kidney
												Sexual Function

1. Tian Bao Gui Zhen Oral liquid    2. Nan Bao Capsules   3. K Strong Capsules     4. Hcrbal Brush (ext. use liquid)     5. Xin Qiang Li Nu Boo

These herbs have proved effective at nourishing kidney-energy, treating sexual function failure in old men, premature ejaculation and impotence. They are also suitable for men and women to take regularly to maintain good health.

5. Skin Problems
skin problems

1. An Chuang Wan    2. Pi Pu Bing    Xue Du Wan 3. Shi Du Qing    4. Qu Cuo Ling (capsules)

These herbal products clear heat and drain dampness from the body, purify the blood and relieve toxicity. They are suitable for skin problems such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, shingles etc.

6. Pain and inflammation
pain and inflammation

1. Hong Hua oil    2. Wood Lock oil    3. Plasters     4. Du Huo Ji Sheng
If you have neck, shoulder or back pain, or arthritic pain in any joints, this means you need to strengthen the bones and muscles. These Chinese herbs are effective for the treatment of arthralgia-syndrome, also for sports injuries.

7. Indigestion

1. Xiang Sha Yang Wei    2. Chen Xiang Hua Qi    3. Bu Zhong Yi Qi   4. Jia Wei Bao He   
5. Yuan Hu Pian

If you often get stomach pains or feel bloated immediately after eating, or if gas frequently is a problem, please try these natural herbs. They can improve the energy of the stomach, eliminate excess gas and help the digestive system work better.

8. PMS and Menopause - HRT
PMS and menopause

1. Xiao Yao Wan     2. Gen Nian Kang     3. Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan     4. Pearl liquid     5. Tiao Jing Pian     6. Tian Bao Gui Zhen

If your periods are irregular, you crave chocolate before a period or you are irritable or anxious, or feel body heaviness and pains, have hot flushes, or put on weight... this means you need to rebalance your hormones. These herbs have proved effective at nourishing the kidneys by balancing yin and yang, relieving pressure and promoting the circulation of the blood and Qi.