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*ACNE & ECZEMA: All very common skin problems. TCM regards them as internal problems. Most cases are due to blood heat syndrome or arise because the body needs cleaning. Treatment is given accordingly. The success of TCM in this area is well known, even with people who have tried western medicine (like Steroids).

*ARTHRITIS: In TCM the treatment of arthritis is divided into two types. Herbal medicine is effective in reducing the swelling in acute arthritis, and acupuncture is good for helping to relieve the pain.

*ASTHMA: There are many causes of asthma - an allergy to environmental influences such as dust, animal hair, stress, anxiety, physical exertion or hereditary factors. In TCM, three organs are said to cause this problem: the lungs, the spleen and the kidneys. The major cause is phlegm produced by a weakness of the spleen and lungs, and Chinese doctors identify the cause and nature of the complaints according to the patient's individual medical history. Herbal, acupuncture and cupping treatments are all particularly effective.

*BLOOD PRESSURE: both high and low blood pressure can be treated successfully by TCM. The herbs are often very helpful in controlling blood pressure, so that drugs can he slowly reduced under careful monitoring by a doctor.

*DEPRESSION: Emotional upsets or pressing problems can cause depression. TCM will involve the use of herbs and acupuncture to correct the imbalance of the body, most people feel calm, relaxed and particularly clear in the mind after treatment.

*HAIR LOSS: Chinese medicine considers that hair is nourished by the blood and by the essence of the kidney, so treatment will involve tonifying both organs.

*MALE IMPOTENCE: In most cases this problem is caused by weakness of the kidneys. Too much anxiety and stress can bring about the Qi energy stagnation, which can also cause impotence. So TCM will tonify the body energy which can help the sex function.

*MENOPAUSE: Patients suffer from hot flushes, depression and headaches. Chinese herbs are usually very effective in restoring the body's internal balance and the balance of the hormones. It is much safer than the use of HRT.

*THRUSH: TCM treats this as a problem of damp in the body, usually internal damp caused by an infection or fungus, herbs are a very effective treatment.